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Uniquity | Phantom Tribe Archive

As many of you already know, due to the impacts of COVID-19, we had to go on an indefinite hiatus. These impacts affected our team, and many of our collaborators, in both positive and negative ways. Over the last few years, we focused on growing ourselves and developing our skills, and are on very different and exciting pathways from where we were not too long ago. Uniquity started as an opportunity that we took advantage of, and Uniquity is coming to an end in a similar way. None of where we are now would be possible without the success and support from the underground community we had the greatest pleasure to be a small part of as Uniquity. As our team pursues new endeavours, we will never forget the community that brought us up. And we will continue to do our part to help our community thrive. 

Normally a closing like this would be associated with some sort of clearance sale, but as you may remember when the old site was live, we don’t have anything in stock to sell! So instead, we want to take this time to thank everyone we’ve had the honour of meeting over these past few years. From the artists, business starters, collaborators, and of course the hardcore supporters. We can’t show our love enough for everything you’ve done for us since we began. The future is frightening and ever-changing, but no matter where we go, we’ll never forget our time spent with all of you. Below is an archive of Uniquity, a greatest hits in a way.

Later cuties,



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